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1. Assam rejoices as 12 cultural symbols receive Geographical Indication (GI) Tags.
2. The Geographical Indication Registry honors 12 items, showcasing Assam’s rich and diverse heritage.
3. Recognition underscores Assam’s cultural significance, benefiting artisans and preserving traditional crafts.

Guwahati, March 31: Assam celebrates the recognition of 12 cultural symbols with Geographical Indication (GI) Tags, highlighting the state’s rich heritage.

The Geographical Indication Registry awarded GI tags to 12 distinct items, symbolizing Assam’s diverse cultural heritage.

Six prestigious GI Tags were secured for traditional crafts, with support from NABARD’s regional office in Guwahati, facilitated by GI Expert Padma Shri Dr. Rajani Kant.

Among the honored items are Sarthebari’s intricate metal craft, Asharikandi’s exquisite terracotta works, the iconic Assam Bihu Dhol, and the traditional Jaapi, a conical hat synonymous with Assamese culture.

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Additionally, products like jotha, gogona, kham, serza, sifung, items crafted from Panimeteka (water hyacinth), and Mising taat (handloom) products have also received the coveted GI tag.

These cultural artifacts, deeply ingrained in the region’s history, play a significant role in supporting nearly one lakh people directly.

The recognition not only preserves Assam’s cultural legacy but also provides economic opportunities for communities involved in these traditional crafts.