Assam Kamrup

Guwahati, Oct 27: The Assam state government has taken swift action by suspending the Assistant District Commissioner of Kamrup, Dipankar Kalita, who was caught in a bribery scandal. Kalita was apprehended by vigilant sleuths for allegedly demanding a bribe in exchange for processing a government file within his department.

The arrest of this accused ACS officer took place on October 16, 2023, immediately after he accepted a bribe of Rs 3000 in a meticulously planned trap operation conducted by officials from the Vigilance & Anti-Corruption department.

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Dipankar Kalita was arrested and presented before the Court of Special Judges. He was then taken into police custody for four days to facilitate comprehensive interrogation and necessary follow-up actions.

In a move to address the situation, the Governor of Assam, exercising their conferred powers, has suspended the implicated officer from service with effect from the date of his arrest until further orders. This decisive action underscores the government’s commitment to combat corruption within its ranks.