Dilip Ghosh while fishing

Bengal, Nov 19: BJP national Vice President and MP Dilip Ghosh is often in the news, be it for locking horns with Trinamool leaders in West Bengal or something else.

This time a viral video of the BJP leader has gone viral where he is seen catching fish at a local pond close to Kolkata along with a few of his supporters.

BJP MP captioned the video on Twitter by saying how Bengalis are said to be absolute lovers of ‘fish and rice’. “My boyhood days were eventfully spent, fishing in nearby ponds, by my ancestral village home. Today, urged much the same. Hence, spent some time fishing in Newtown.”

The video, shared by Dilip Ghosh on his own Twitter handle, showed him dressed casually in a T-shirt and trousers as he is surrounded by 3-4 men and dips the fish hook in his hand in the water of the pool. Ghosh manages to catch a few as soon as he drops the hook in the water.

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In the video, Ghosh seems to catch a ‘tilapia’ which is a very common freshwater fish. He then shows the caught fish to the others in his party and then collects it in a basket.