BJP Chakma Autonomous District Council Of Mizoram Accepts Centre's DRDA Scheme

Mizoram, Nov 9: Mizoram’s BJP Chakma Autonomous District Council has welcomed the decision by the Centre to discontinue the central funded District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) Administration.

On November 4, the BJP Chakma Autonomous District Council established that the Government of India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi had decided to discontinue the Centrally Sponsored DRDA Administration scheme.

DRDAs are to cover all states/UTs and to merge with Zila Parishads or Zila Panchayats in those states/UTs, this is stated in the official order. DRDAs may be merged with District Councils or any other relevant body in the Northeastern states where there are no ZPs, as determined by the state government. In a statement, the BJP-CADC said that it welcomed “the historic decision” wholeheartedly.

PM Narendra Modi has been thanked by BJP-CADC for fulfilling the longstanding wish of BJP Coordination Committees of Chakma, Lai, and Mara Autonomous District Councils of Mizoram, which continually pursued this, according to a statement.

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As the BJP-led NDA government sought to enhance the powers of the District Councils in the northeastern states, this was another initiative designed to boost their power.

The Autonomous District Councils of Mizoram (ADCs) have been asked by the BJP-CADC to take over their financial and administrative functions, including those related to DRDA initiatives.