Body of a newborn baby found near Silchar Medical College

Assam, July 6: Local discovered the dead body of a newborn baby found near the Silchar Medical College & Hospital next to a garbage heap wrapped around in a cloth. This caused a stir in the area as according to the locals, the child had a Silchar Medical College & Hospital seal attached to it.

The locals reckon that the baby was born in the hospital itself. They immediately informed the hospital authorities and local police station. A team of cops recovered the body and took it to the police station. However, further information has not yet been made public by the police department.

As per the information gathered by the locals, they found the newborn’s body in a pile of garbage near the market, around 50 meters from the main gate of the Silchar Medical College & Hospital. The corpse was wrapped tightly in a cloth and put in a packet and thrown in the garbage.

There was a sealed card from the Medical College & Hospital.

The Medical College & Hospital authorities have said that they have not yet received any information in this regard.