Bride Groom fall from 12 feet during Sangeet function | Watch the video

Delhi, Dec 12: A major accident happened during the Sangeet program where Bride Groom fell from 12 feet, at a private hotel in the Telibandha police station area of Delhi. The whole family was drenched in dance songs that in the meantime an accident caused a stir in the atmosphere.

The incident took place during a sangeet function of the Agarwal family and Singhania family. The ceremony was going on at Hotel Sayaji. In which the bride and groom were being brought on the stage through the harness.

As the crane hanging on the harness reached the stage, the harness broke and both the bride and groom fell down from a height of 12 feet.

Due to the accident, the bride and groom also suffered minor injuries and the whole party came to a standstill. Seeing the bride and groom falling like this, all the guests got angry and they took out their anger on the event company.

Actually, a lot of care has to be taken for entry in the harness, but unfortunately, they did not maintain it properly.