Mahua Kamakhya

Kolkata, July 08: Trinamool Lok Sabha MP Mahua Moitra, embroiled in a problem over her touch upon Goddess Kaali, requested whether or not Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma can give an explanation for in writing what services are made to the presiding deity of the Kamakhya temple.

“Can the CMs of different BJP-dominated states do the equal approximately services made to Maa Kali in temples there? Is liquor now no longer a part of the services in those temples? BJP desperately desires to pin me down as I fiercely protest its misdeeds however I recognize its approach may not work,” the Trinamool chief stated at the same time as speaking to a Bengali information channel.

“I undertaking the respective BJP governments of those states, wherein FIRs had been registered, to offer in writing in a sworn statement to the courtroom docket approximately services made to Goddess Kaali,” Mahua Moitra stated.

“Even my mother is announcing that you haven’t stated something incorrect however what’s the want of announcing all those? I might say yes, there may be a want of announcing this due to the fact otherwise, BJP is enforcing its North Indian Hindutva on us,” the Trinamool MP stated affirming that she has now no longer harmed any sentiment.

Mahua Moitra stated she has acted like a mature flesh presser on the problem and he or she believes that the BJP isn’t always the custodian of Hindu deities and nor ought to the birthday birthday celebration educate Bengalis the way to worship Goddess Kaali.

“I suppose I acted as a mature flesh presser. For a long, we had prevented the problem of the BJP enforcing its very own model of Hinduism, which is primarily based totally on installed norms of North India. The party ought to desist from enforcing it on humans of different elements of the united states of america along with West Bengal wherein Hindus comply with their well-installed rituals for centuries. Who is the BJP to educate us on the way to behavior puja of Goddess Kali in a specific manner?” Mahua Moitra stated.

“Neither Lord Ram nor Lord Hanuman entirely belongs to the BJP. Has the party taken the rent of Hindu dharma?” Mahua added.

The controversy began when Mahua Moitra at India Today Media Conclave stated that to her, Kaali turned into a meat-loving, liquor-accepting goddess.

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The remark invited big backlash with many proceedings and FIRs filed in opposition to Mahua in West Bengal and outside.

As the debate took a political flip with the BJP worrying motion in opposition to Mahua, the Trinamool Congress distanced itself from Mahua’s remarks and publicly condemned it.

The Trinamool chief has now no longer withdrawn her phrases and asserted that what she stated is how Goddess Kaali is worshipped in West Bengal’s Tarapith — a primary Shaktipeeth. She additionally clarified that her remarks had been now no longer withinside the context of the arguable poster of the documentary movie of Leena Manimekalai which indicates a female dressed as Goddess Kaali smoking.

In the interview, Mahua Moitra stated she is a Kaali devotee and is aware of the way to worship the goddess. “We have been worshipping the goddess withinside the equal manner for the beyond 2,000 years. BJP is a celebration of outsiders that attempts to impose its Hindutva politics however turned into snubbed by the electorate. Being a Kaali bhakt, I recognize the way to worship Kaali,” she stated.

In the wake of the debate, Mahua Moitra unfollowed the Twitter account of the Trinamool Congress party and issued an assertion condemning her assertion. On being requested approximately the problem, Mahua Moitra stated, “I am a faithful soldier of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. If there may be an issue, we are able to get it resolved within the party. We will now no longer talk it in public.”