Dhubri, June 20: In a significant development for Assam’s infrastructure, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma took to Twitter to announce the opening of a new bridge over the River Gangadhar. The bridge, connecting Golokganj and Kanuri, was inaugurated by the Chief Minister in a ceremony held in Dhubri.

Sharing the news, CM Sarma’s tweet read, “We are building over 95 bridges across various rivers in Assam. This one is over the River Gangadhar, which we have opened today.”

The inauguration of the bridge is a significant milestone in Assam’s development agenda, as it aims to enhance connectivity and promote smoother transportation across the region. With the construction of over 95 bridges across various rivers, the state government is actively investing in infrastructure projects to facilitate efficient travel and boost economic growth.

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The bridge over the River Gangadhar holds strategic importance in connecting Golokganj and Kanuri, enabling seamless movement of people and goods between the two areas. It will significantly reduce travel time and provide a vital link for communities residing on both sides of the river.

The Chief Minister’s proactive approach toward improving connectivity and infrastructure in Assam demonstrates his commitment to fostering development and improving the quality of life for the state’s residents. By investing in such projects, the government aims to create opportunities for economic growth, promote tourism, and uplift the overall socio-economic status of the region.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by local officials, dignitaries, and members of the community. CM Sarma, known for his hands-on approach, emphasized the bridge’s significance and the positive impact it would have on the lives of the people in Dhubri and surrounding areas.

The new bridge over the River Gangadhar serves as a symbol of progress and a testament to the state government’s commitment to improving infrastructure and connectivity across Assam. It will not only enhance transportation but also facilitate access to vital services such as healthcare, education, and commerce.

The residents of Golokganj, Kanuri, and neighboring areas expressed their joy and gratitude for the newly inaugurated bridge, recognizing its potential to transform their daily lives. The improved connectivity is expected to boost trade and commerce, strengthen social ties, and open up new opportunities for development and growth in the region.

As Assam continues to invest in infrastructure development, the government’s focus on bridging connectivity gaps and promoting economic progress remains unwavering. The inauguration of the bridge over the River Gangadhar marks a significant step forward in achieving these goals, with the promise of a brighter future for the people of Dhubri and beyond.