Community Transmission feared in Guwahati

Fear of community transmission: Around 1000 COVID-19 cases detect in Guwahati within 12 days

Guwahati, June 27: Guwahati has witnessed an alarming increase of COVID-19 positive cases which caused a fear of community transmission as around 1000 positive cases for the deadly virus have been detected in the capital city of Assam in the last 12 days.

According to the Assam state Health department, 203 COVID-19 positive cases have been detected in Guwahati in the last 24 hours.

On Friday, the state had reported 273 positive cases for COVID-19 and out of these cases, 203 cases were detected alone in Guwahati.

Fear of community transmission in Guwahati city, Assam government has announced to enforce 14-day total lockdown in Guwahati and in all areas under Kamrup (Metro) district from June 28.

Assam Health Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma on Friday said in a press conference that, in recent times more COVID-19 positive cases have been found in Guwahati and it is an alarming trend.

On Thursday, almost 50 per cent of total cases detected in the state were found from alone in Guwahati. We have seen that, detection of COVID-19 positive cases has increased in Guwahati. Since June 15, we have collected samples from 10,617 and 5000 samples test have done so far. We have found 762 COVID-19 positive cases in Guwahati since June 15 and out of these 677 persons have no travel history,” Himanta Biswa Sarma said.

The Assam Health minister also revealed that the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is now spreading among many people in the capital city of Assam.

Assam has so far reported 6919 positive cases for COVID-19 and out of these 4247 patients have been discharged from hospitals.