Assam Christ

Guwahati, May 27: In a significant development, the Nagaon Police apprehended three individuals in Hojai’s Doboko, Assam, with a counterfeit gold statue of Jesus Christ. The operation was conducted as part of the Assam Police’s recent crackdown on a fake gold racket that has reportedly been operating throughout the state.

Acting on specific intelligence inputs, the police carried out the operation in the Namdoboka Pathar area of Doboka. It is alleged that the group of individuals involved in the racket had intended to deceive unsuspecting individuals and accumulate substantial sums of money.

During the operation, the police successfully apprehended three suspects, identified as Aslam Talukdar, Zubair Hussain, and Iqbal Hussain. Upon their arrest, the police discovered the counterfeit gold statue of Jesus Christ in their possession. The statue, weighing approximately 1.7 kilograms, was intended to be used as part of their fraudulent activities.

Authorities have launched an investigation into the incident and are working to gather further information regarding the seizure. The case is being treated with utmost seriousness, particularly in light of the alleged involvement of the fake gold racket in the unfortunate demise of Assam Police SI, Junmoni Rabha.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is actively pursuing the investigation into Junmoni Rabha’s death, while efforts are also underway to initiate a CBI investigation. Despite ongoing efforts, progress in the case has been limited, leaving several unanswered questions.

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In certain quarters, there have been allegations suggesting a possible nexus between high-ranking police officials and the individuals behind Junmoni Rabha’s killing. Some even speculate that the current operation against fake gold and counterfeit currency notes (FICN) is being used as a diversionary tactic to divert attention from the unresolved case.

The authenticity of these claims remains subject to investigation and should not be taken as conclusive at this stage. The police and relevant authorities are committed to uncovering the truth behind both the fake gold racket and the untimely demise of Junmoni Rabha, ensuring that justice is served and the guilty parties are held accountable.

The recent arrest of three individuals with a counterfeit gold Jesus Christ statue underscores the concerted efforts by law enforcement agencies to combat fraudulent activities in the region. Such operations are essential to maintaining public trust and ensuring the safety and security of the community.

The police have affirmed to continue their diligent efforts to bring the culprits involved in these illicit activities to justice, while also addressing any potential connections with Junmoni Rabha’s tragic death.