Cyclone Remal

1. Cyclone Remal caused injuries to three individuals and disrupted transportation in Kolkata.
2. Uprooted trees, primarily in Southern Avenue, Lake Place, and Chetla, necessitated traffic diversions.
3. The aftermath of the cyclone prompted efforts to clear debris and restore normalcy to affected areas.

Kolkata, May 27: Three individuals sustained injuries, and transportation was disrupted as Cyclone Remal wreaked havoc in Kolkata.

The storm uprooted trees across various areas including Southern Avenue, Lake Place, and Chetla, leading to traffic diversions.

Reports indicate that approximately 68 trees were uprooted within Kolkata, with an additional 75 in the nearby Salt Lake and Rajarhat regions.

Waterlogging compounded the situation, affecting areas such as Southern Avenue, Lake View Road, and Tollygunge Phari.

As a result, traffic had to be diverted to manage the situation. In Manicktala, three individuals were injured during the cyclone’s impact, although the specific causes remain under investigation.

While train services in the Sealdah South section resumed after a three-hour suspension, flight operations at Kolkata Airport resumed after a 21-hour hiatus.

However, disruptions were encountered in Kolkata Metro services between Girish Park and Mahanayak Uttam Kumar stations due to waterlogging at Park Street and Esplanade stations.

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Nevertheless, services resumed partially, with operations normal from Dakshineswar to Girish Park and Kabi Subhas to Mahanayak Uttam Kumar.

Kolkata Mayor Firhad Hakim assured that the municipal corporation was addressing the aftermath with urgency. He noted that compared to the devastation caused by Cyclone Amphan, the current situation was relatively less severe.

Efforts were focused on clearing debris, particularly fallen trees, to restore traffic flow. Additionally, drainage pumps were operating at full capacity to mitigate waterlogging.