1. Manipur marks a historic moment with its first cement consignment delivered by a goods train.
2. The development heralds a logistical transformation, offering cost-effective transportation and greater access to construction materials.
3. This milestone is expected to accelerate infrastructure projects, benefiting the entire community.

Imphal, May 27: In a significant milestone for Manipur, the state has received its inaugural cement consignment delivered via a goods train at Khongsang Station.

This achievement is poised to revolutionize the logistical landscape, promising reduced transportation costs and increased accessibility to construction materials for local residents.

The arrival of this consignment signals a pivotal moment in Manipur’s journey towards infrastructure development.

With transportation expenses minimized, the initiative is set to expedite numerous development ventures throughout the state, ultimately fostering enhanced infrastructure and bolstered economic prospects for all inhabitants.

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The success of this endeavor is largely credited to the concerted endeavors of Indian Railways and the North Frontier Railway (NFR).

Through collaborative efforts, logistical hurdles were surmounted, culminating in the realization of this historic feat.

Expressing appreciation for this milestone, Manipur’s Chief Minister remarked, “Manipur has received its first consignment of cement by goods train at Khongsang Station. This initiative will significantly diminish transportation costs, rendering construction materials more accessible and affordable. It lays the groundwork for accelerated infrastructure development, benefiting every citizen of our state. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Indian Railways, North Frontier Railway (NFR), and all involved officials for their unwavering dedication in bringing this to fruition.”