Delhi: 87-year-old woman alleges rape in Tilak Nagar, police are investigating

Delhi, Feb 14: 87-year-old woman alleges that she has been raped, although the case has not been registered yet. The family alleges that the police have not registered a case.

The woman is sick and bedridden. One of her legs is not working. The woman lives with her daughter. The daughter’s age is 65 years.

Family members say that the victim’s daughter had gone for a walk on Sunday afternoon at 12:25, during this time around 12:30 an unknown person entered the house and now committed the rape of an elderly woman. At around 1:30, the man left the house.

Family members said that the elderly woman was also assaulted. On the other hand, the Police informed that the family members of the elderly woman had told about the theft of mobile yesterday, so a case of theft was registered.

So now in this case the section of rape will be added in the FIR by getting the woman medical.