1. DCCI in Nagaland has announced an indefinite shutdown in protest against harassment by Naga political groups.
2. The shutdown aims to address grievances such as multiple taxations, intimidations, and summon letters faced by the business community.
3. DCCI urges the state government and law enforcement agencies to take immediate action to protect businesses and address their concerns.

Dimapur, April 23: The Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) in Nagaland has taken a decisive stand against the persistent harassment faced by the business community from Naga political groups (NPGs).

In response to ongoing issues such as multiple taxations, intimidations, and summon letters from NPGs, the DCCI has announced an indefinite shutdown of all business establishments in Dimapur starting from April 26.

This action aims to draw attention to the grievances of the business community until they are adequately addressed.

The Chamber has called upon the state government and law enforcement agencies to swiftly intervene and ensure the protection of businesses from such harassment.

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Additionally, they have appealed to the public to understand the necessity of this protest and to cooperate during this period for the collective welfare of all citizens.

Emphasizing the importance of unity within the business community, the DCCI has advised against entertaining any calls or summons from NPGs without the Chamber’s knowledge.

This stance reflects their commitment to maintaining solidarity and avoiding any inadvertent collaboration that may exacerbate the situation.

It’s crucial to note that the Chamber’s protest is not directed against any specific group or faction but is solely focused on addressing the systemic issues of multiple taxations and extortion that are negatively impacting businesses in Dimapur.

Overall, the DCCI’s decision to initiate an indefinite shutdown underscores the urgent need for concrete measures to safeguard the interests of the business community and ensure a conducive environment for economic activities in Nagaland.