Eastern Nagaland Civil Society Group Declares 'Non-Cooperation' With The Army

Nagaland, Dec 15: In the wake of last Saturday’s security ambush in Oting village that left 14 civilians dead, the Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organization (ENPO) announced that it’s in “non-cooperation” with the 2ndian security forces in the four eastern districts of Tuensang, Mon, Longleng, and Kiphire.

Following the proposed meeting held of all eastern Nagaland civil societies, ENPO, which has long advocated for full independence for the four regions, said on Tuesday evening that doing so would continue to refuse to cooperate with security personnel until three conditions were met: the forces associated with the killings be charged, Union Home Minister Amit Shah withdraw his assertion in Parliament that the security personnel fired in self-defence, and the “draconian” Armed Forces were reformed.

By virtue of “non-cooperation“, the occupants of the four districts would abstain from taking part in any “national celebrations“, including Birthdays, Independence Days, and Republic Days, as well as any Army civic programmes and official invitations. According to the statement, recruitment drives would not be allowed within the Eastern Nagaland region.

Earlier this week, the Konyak Union, the apex body of the Konyak Naga tribe, announced a series of new “non-cooperation regulations,” including those limiting Indian military convoys and patrols, prohibiting military recruitment rallies in Mon district, and refusing to accept development packages from Indian forces.

Customary landowners were also instructed to denounce past land agreements for the establishment of military camps in the area.

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Vice-president, KU, Hanong Konyak said “a lot of anger” has been directed at military personnel. Despite the complex history of the Naga people and their past excesses, we have built trust over the years with the Indian military forces. Peace was achieved through reconciliation. It has been shattered by this [Oting] incident, he added.

Secretary of ENPO, which is the apex body for the Konyak, Chang, Sangtam, Khiamniungan, Yimchunger, and Phom tribes, W Manwang Anghaa, said there would be no cooperation until “justice is delivered.”

KU and ENPO are organizing a mass protest throughout all four districts on December 16.