Election violence

1. Outrage sparked among supporters of MLA Dorjee Wangdi Kharma after BJP nominated the Chief Minister’s cousin’s brother.
2. Violence ensues in Arunachal’s 5th Kalaktang constituency, prompting concerns over electoral tensions.
3. Incidents of vandalism and attacks reported as tensions escalate over party ticket distribution.

Itanagar, March 18: Election-related violence has erupted in Arunachal’s 5th Kalaktang constituency following the BJP’s decision to nominate the Chief Minister’s cousin brother.

This move has triggered outrage among supporters of sitting MLA Dorjee Wangdi Kharma, leading to a series of disturbing incidents in the region.

The situation escalated to the point where the Superintendent of Police (SP) of West Kameng district was injured, with reports of stones being thrown at law enforcement officials and supporters of the BJP candidate, Tsetam Chombay.

Tensions have been simmering for weeks as supporters of MLA Dorjee Wangdi Kharma expressed their discontent over the denial of the party ticket to their leader.

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Matters worsened after the official announcement of the BJP’s candidate, resulting in multiple cases of vandalism and attacks in the area.

Sources indicate that some supporters of the incumbent MLA have been accused of inciting and misleading the youth, leading to outbreaks of violence and unrest.

The violence has not only targeted public and government property but also the homes of innocent residents, including families with children.

Reports suggest the involvement of external elements seeking to exacerbate the situation, with allegations of hired goons being brought in from outside the constituency.