Assam Farmers

Morigaon, April 27: Farmers in the Morigaon district of central Assam are suffering crop losses due to heavy rain and hailstorms. Many farmers had taken loans to cultivate crops, but the loss of crops has made it impossible for them to repay their debts.

Pranab Sarkar, a farmer who had taken a loan of nearly INR 3 lakhs for watermelon cultivation, said that his crops were destroyed due to recent hailstorms and heavy rain. He is now unable to repay his bank loan and appealed to the government for help.

Similarly, Krishna Biswas, another farmer from the Mayong area, had taken a loan of INR 50,000 for green chili farming, but his crops were also destroyed due to the recent weather conditions. The loss of crops has left farmers in the area struggling to make ends meet, with many unsure of how they will repay their debts.

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The district administration has reported that crops on thousands of bighas of land have been affected by hailstorms and heavy rain. The farmers in the area have appealed to the government for assistance, hoping that they will receive help to deal with the losses they have suffered.

This is not the first time that farmers in Assam have faced crop losses due to extreme weather conditions. The region is known for its frequent floods and landslides, which can cause significant damage to crops and farmland. Farmers in the area have been calling for better infrastructure and support from the government to help them deal with these challenges.

The government has announced some relief measures for farmers affected by crop losses, including compensation for lost crops and debt waivers. However, many farmers feel that these measures are insufficient and that more needs to be done to address their concerns.

The situation highlights the challenges faced by farmers in India, who often rely on agriculture as their main source of income.

Extreme weather conditions, lack of infrastructure, and other challenges can make it difficult for farmers to make a living, and many struggle with debt and poverty.

The government and other stakeholders must work together to provide better support and infrastructure for farmers, ensuring that they are able to sustain themselves and their families in the face of adversity.