Gateway To Heaven: Enchanting Northeast | Mizoram


Mizoram, July 22: One of the smallest states of India, Mizoram, is bordered by Myanmar in the east and south, with Bangladesh in the west. It is a mountainous region with a moderate climate throughout the year, making it the top destination on the tourist list. Mizoram is known as the ‘Songbird of India’.

Mizoram is also known as the land of ‘Mizos’ or the Mongolian Highlanders. The forest covers more than three-fourths of the total land in this state. The thick bamboo groves dominate the forest in Mizoram.

Like the other states of northeast India, Mizoram has a wide variety of flora, fauna, mountains, and rivers. Mim Kut, Chapchar Kut, and Pawl are the three major festivals celebrated in Mizoram. Pineapple is the state of Mizoram. Aizwal is thecapital of Mizoram.



By Train: The nearest railhead is Silchar in Assam, situated 184 km from Aizwal. Bus and taxi services are available for the journey onwards.

By Road: National Highway 54 connects the rest of the country with Aizwal.

By Air: The domestic airport in Aizwal is connected to the major cities in India.



1. Koat Pitha is a sweet fried fritter made with rice flour, jaggery, and banana.

2. Misa Mach Poora is a shrimp dish made using peppercorns, mustard oil, coriander powder, and lime juice.

3. Paanch Phoran Torkari is a dry dish prepared with vegetables or meat according to preference. It’s a dry dish and relished with either chapati or eaten alone.

4. Mizo Vawska is prepared by stir-frying smoked pork with ginger, garlic, chillies, and a
generous amount of spinach, mushrooms, and oysters.

5. Chhum Han, this healthy vegetarian delicacy, is made with steamed seasonal vegetables. It is paired with rice and served.

6. Bai is a dish that combines pork with steamed vegetables and bamboo shoots garnished
with herbs found locally. The sauce prepared by mixing pork with mustard sauce gives this
dish a very distinctive flavour. Bai is the most popular dish in the state and is readily available.

7. Bamboo Shoot Fry is made with fried bamboos tossed, shitake mushrooms, and other
seasonal vegetables in herbs. It’s a vegetarian delicacy. This dry dish is usually enjoyed as a snack with tea.

8. Sanpiau is a street food delicacy is a rice porridge served with spring onions, fish sauce, crushed pepper, and topped with fresh coriander paste and rice powder.

9. Artui Chhipchhaun Chow is a sunny-side-up egg served on the bed of noodles.


1. Aizwal:

Gateway To Heaven: Enchanting Northeast | Mizoram

The capital of Mizoram is a beautiful quaint hill station, surrounded by the Tlawng river valley to the west and the Tuirial river valley to the east. Aizwal is the cultural and religious centre of Mizos. Every year dance festivals, flower shows, food festivals, music competitions, and traditional games are organized.

The city offers adventure sports activities like paragliding in the Durtlang cliffs and rafting in the Tlawng river. The timber houses with a variety of flowers are the most attractive feature of the region architecturally. One must visit Solomon’s Temple, Reiek Temple, Mizoram State Museum, Phulphui Grave, and Barrra Bazar.

October to March, which is the winters months, are the best time to visit Aizwal.

2. Phawngpui Peak:

Gateway To Heaven: Enchanting Northeast | Mizoram

It is the highest point in the state. Also known as the Blue mountain, it is a revered mountain amongst the tribe of the region.

The hill is full of deep crevices and magnificent cliffs, making it ideal for trekking and hiking. The peak located within the Phawngpuri National Park is home to some rare species of butterflies, barking deers, serow, and goral.

Travelling to Phawngpui from October to April is the best.

3. Lunglei:

Gateway To Heaven: Enchanting Northeast | Mizoram

If you are tired of life full of stressful city life and looking out for a place to unwind, this is the place for you.

This small and serene village is one of the most awe-worthy destinations of Mizoram. Lunglei means the rock bridge in Mizo. The town has a rock bridge structure, and hence the name.

The best time to visit this quaint little village is from October to March when the days are cool and nights have a chill in the air.

4. Mamit:

Gateway To Heaven: Enchanting Northeast | Mizoram

Home to Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary, Mamit is one of the top tourist destinations of Mizoram. It’s a heaven for nature and wildlife enthusiasts as they can spot exotic species like a crescent serpent eagle, peacock, emerald-dove, and Malabar pied hornbill.

Tourists may find the rarest species of Rhesus Macau and leaf monkeys in Mamit. Saitlaw, West Phaileng, and Pukzing are a few places tourists can enjoy in Mamit.

The best time to travels is from November to March.

5. Kolasib:


It is a part of the Aizwal Mountainous Region of the eastern hill zone. The best feature of this small town is the water bodies.

The luculent water of Tamlid lake and the Tlawng river spread tranquillity in the entire environment. Water gushing through the lush green mountains makes it the epitome of the beauty of nature.

November to March is the best time to visit Kolasib.

6. Reiek:


It is a typical Mizo village that consists of traditional huts of the Mizo subtribes.
Huddles between the mountains, this beautiful village offers an offbeat experience of village living.

Nothing can beat the experience of basking in the sun amid green fields close to nature. Tourists can optimize their escapade by opting for a homestay with the local families.

It is also considered one of the best trek trails of the northeast. The forest in the hills is home to fascinating mountain birds, including the rare Peregrine Falcon.

November to March are the ideal months to visit this serene, picturesque village.

7. Vantawng Waterfalls:

Vantawng Waterfalls

The thirteenth-highest waterfall is the central tourist attraction of Mizoram. This spectacular fall is located in the Vanva river near Thenzwal. The fall was named after an excellent swimmer, Vantawnga, who could hover in the perilous water like a fish.

The height of this spectacular waterfall is recorded as 750 ft. The sheer forested hillside surrounding the waterfall makes it difficult for the tourists to venture near it; hence a comfortable viewing tower has been constructed for the convenience of the visitors.

The clear weather in the region from September to January enables the tourists to enjoy
spectacular Vantawng Falls.

8. Tamdil Lake: 

Tamdil Lake

This reservoir lake means “Lake of Mustard.” It is one of the most famous
water bodies of Mizoram.

Like the other water bodies of the state, the lush green forest surrounds the lake of crystal clear water. It is an ideal spot for unwinding on a lazy afternoon by sitting at the shore of the lake, reading a book absorbing the calmness of the environment.

November to March is the best time to visit.

9. Saiha: 


The second largest town in Mizoram is the fastest growing one with a significant
population rise in the last decade. The town was previously known as Saiho, ‘Sai’ means
elephant, and ‘ha’ means tooth.

It was in Saiha that a large number of elephant teeth were found and hence the name. It is a perfect gateway for fishing and angling enthusiasts. Palak Wildlife Sanctuary, Palak Dil (lake), and Lorraine Ville are most popular with tourists.

November-May is the preferable time to visit this place.

10. Murlen National Park:

Murlen National Park

It is located in the state’s Cahmpal district, also known as the Amazon of India.

This impenetrable forest houses around one fifty species of endangered birds, fifteen species of mammals, thirty-five unique medicinal plants, two varieties of bamboo, and four species of orchids.

The scenic beauty of the region is exceptional. During the rainy season, the slow clouds moving across the hills and valleys are the sights of sheer pleasure. One sojourn through this woodland wonder is never enough. Mountaineers and nature lovers should bookmark this place.

October to March is the best time to pay a visit to this Indian Amazon Forest.