Guwahati, Dec 28: In Assam’s Cachar district, a goat gave birth to an offspring that resembled a human.

Many were surprised by the goat kid’s resemblance to a human-like structure, even though it was stillborn.

According to sources, the incident occurred in the Dholai Vidhan Sabha constituency which falls under the Gangapur village of Assam.

It has been reported that a goat owned by Shankar Das gave birth to a newborn kid, which looked like a newborn human kid but deformed in shape.

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A second kid was eventually born to that goat, who was alive and normal.

A couple of locals took a photo of the deformed goat baby and shared it on social media. Following this, a large crowd gathered to witness the deformed goat baby at Das’s house, said sources.

Features of the baby goat resembled those of a human. His eyes, mouth, and nose resemble those of a person. As for its ears, they were like those of a goat. In its infancy, it had only two legs.