Manipur Indian Flag

Imphal, Dec 28: N Biren Singh, the chief minister of Manipur, announced that the “Highest Indian National flag” in the northeast will be hoisted at Morang.

This announcement was made after the tallest flagpole in Northeast India was successfully installed at Moirang.

Manipur’s Moirang township is situated approximately 45 kilometres south of Imphal and is part of the district of Bishnupur.

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose led the Indian National Army (INA) to victory in Moirang on April 14, 1944.

Chief Minister N Biren Singh shared a picture of the flagpole installation at Morang, writing: “Tallest Indian National Flag in the NE to be hoisted in Moirang Manipur.”

He also added that it was a matter of immense pride that they could successfully install the tallest flagpole in the North East at Moirang.

“It was on April 14, 1944, the flag of the INA was hoisted for the first time at Moirang,” read the tweet.

During the Second World War, Colonel Shaukat Malik of INA (Indian National Army) hoisted the flag.

In addition, construction work is underway at Moirang for the Indian National Army Museum (INA) War Memorial.

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INA war memorial construction was also visited by Manipur’s chief minister N Biren.

He also interacted with people living around the site of the war memorial while he visited the site. N Biren shared a video during his tour of the war memorial site, saying that he inspected the ongoing construction of the War Memorial at Moirang of the Indian National Army Museum (INA) during his visit.