Google Employee From Assam Earns 5000 USD From Google

Assam, Dec 15: A Google employee from Assam has been rewarded for reporting a security patch bug in the Android Foreground Services. This bug could allow hackers access to user data.

Cyber security expert Das from Assam told Google about the bug in May 2021 and after almost six months, Google had awarded him USD 5000 for reporting it.

Das said he encountered some technical difficulties while creating a software program. This particular vulnerability was found while he was attempting to solve the issue that led him to the discovery.

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An email from Google Android Security Team to Das said that They said that they would like to acknowledge his efforts by presenting him with a $5000 reward. “This is an exception to our normal procedure as a thank you for the high-quality submission and follow-up information you provided,” it read.

The Android Foreground Services feature Das says is defeated by the bug he found. In this exploit, the exploiter bypasses this security step and can access hardware like cameras, microphones, and locations in the background unnoticed.

In addition, Das stated that the bug would be resolved in upcoming Android updates.