Desi Dadi

Mumbai, Dec 18: Desi dadi Ravi Bala Sharma, whose dance videos have gone crazy viral online, is back again with another brand new video. Age is just a number that has been proven by many viral videos of elderly people dancing energetically. Well, this time, she decided to dance to Sara Ali Khan’s song Chaka Chak.

In this new viral video, the 63-year-old Desi dadi can be seen dressed in a beautiful green saree almost similar to that of Sara Ali Khan‘s in the song. She grooved gracefully to the catchy beats of the number and even nailed its hook step. Her expressions were simply spot-on and her infectious enthusiasm would make you want to stand up and shake a leg as well.

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As the video starts, she dances her heart out to the tunes of Chaka Chak while acing the hook step of the song. While dancing, she also flashes her gorgeous smile and her expressions are also on point. Her energetic performance is an absolute treat to witness.  She shared the video and simply wrote, “Chakaaa chak.”