helicopter services

Imphal, Oct 30: The Central government has granted permission to the Manipur government to launch helicopter services from Imphal International Airport to Dimapur in Nagaland, with a stopover at Leirouching in the Senapati district of Manipur.

In a statement issued by Transport Director Dr. Nivedita Lairenlakpam, the fare for the Imphal to Leirouching route and vice versa will be Rs 2,000, while the fare for the Leirouching (Senapati) to Dimapur Airport route and vice versa will be Rs 4,000.

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For ticket bookings, interested passengers can contact Security Officer Dinesh at +917003611936 or Naorem Bapinchandra for customer service at the counter of Manipur Heli Service at Imphal International Airport.

They can also reach out to Senapati DTO Joseph D. Sankhil at Leirouching and East Air & Charter Service Station Manager Ronsuthung Kitan at Dimapur via phone. The helicopter service is scheduled to commence on November 1, providing a new and convenient mode of travel between these locations in Manipur and Nagaland.