Modi Parliament

New Delhi, Sept 18: Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed that the upcoming session of Parliament will be marked by historic decisions, emphasizing the significance of the new Parliament building in shaping India’s future.

Speaking to the media outside Parliament, he highlighted the session’s brevity but immense importance, stating that this session would witness pivotal choices.

Modi noted that this session represents the beginning of a new era in India’s 75-year journey. He emphasized the need to transform the country into a developed nation by 2047, stating that all decisions pertaining to this goal would be made in the new Parliament building.

The Prime Minister called upon all parliamentarians to actively participate in the session with enthusiasm, urging them to devote their time and energy to the task at hand. He emphasized the importance of embracing this moment of joy and trust, suggesting that there would be ample time for reflection and contemplation in the future.

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In his words, “This session of the Parliament is short but going by the time, it is huge. This is a session of historic decisions. A speciality of this session is that the journey of 75 years is starting from a new destination… Now, while taking forward the journey from a new place… we have to make the country a developed country by 2047. For this, all the decisions of the time to come will be taken in the new Parliament building.”

Prime Minister Modi’s words underscored the significance of this parliamentary session and the role it plays in shaping India’s path toward development and progress.