Hollongi greenfield airport

Itanagar, Aug 03: The Hollongi greenfield airport near Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh will be inaugurated soon. This was informed by the airport authority of India (AAI).

“AAI’s newly built Hollongi greenfield airport in Arunachal Pradesh is all set to be inaugurated soon,” the AAI informed.

The airport is built in an area covering 685 acres at an estimated cost of Rs 660 crore. “The airport is suitable for the operations of Airbus-320 type of aircraft,” AAI said.

The Hollongi airport in Arunachal Pradesh can accommodate up to 300 passengers during peak hours with eight check-in counters.

“It is energy-efficient and will run on renewable energy. The runway of the new airport is 2300 metres long,” the AAI added.

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The AAI further informed that the Hollongi airport in Arunachal Pradesh “will be licensed for Instrument Flight Rules and will also support for night landing as it is equipped with homing and landing aides like VOR, ILS and Satellite based procedures for landing”.

“Besides these fire station, Sewage Treatment Plant, medical centre and car parking for 100 cars along with other amenities will also be available,” the AAI said.