Indian Army exercise

Gangtok, Oct 10: The Trishakti Corps (XXXIII Corps) of the Indian Army conducted an integrated exercise called ‘SINGHEE PRAHAAR’ at 17,500 feet in North Sikkim.

With the infusion of technology, growing lethality, and ranges of weapon platforms, the battlefield scenario has changed even in high-altitude areas, as prevalent in North Sikkim.

As per reports, despite being dizzy between 17,000 feet to 22,000 feet, at subzero temperatures and lack of oxygen, the future battles are likely to be swift, intense, and under extreme battlefield transparency and a digitized environment.

Therefore, this requires integrated and synergized application of all elements of ground forces including Infantry, Armour, Mechanised Infantry, Artillery, Aviation, Engineers, and logistic support elements.

The New Generation Equipment will include Remotely Piloted Vehicles (RPVs), All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), Quick Reaction Fire Vehicles (QRFVs), Infantry Protected Mobility Vehicles (IPMVs) and many other weapon systems and platforms recently inducted have been added to the Indian Army’s capability to fight wars in high-altitude areas.

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As per the local reports they were said that the participating units demonstrated their ability to hit hard and swiftly with precision during the exercise. Lt Gen Tarun Kumar Aich, AVSM, General Officer Commanding Trishakti Corps expressed satisfaction with the outcomes of the practice.