Indian Railways first pod hotel to be inaugurated in Mumbai | Check out details

Mumbai, Nov 17: Indian Ministry of Railways introduced its first-ever Pod Hotel styled retiring rooms at Mumbai Central Railway Station, adding another feather to its hat on its journey to provide world-class facilities to its customers.

Commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal shared the glimpse on Twitter with a caption, “World-Class Facilities At Your Service! Take a look at India’s first-ever ‘Pod’ retiring rooms at Mumbai Central Railway Station. These pod rooms will provide comfort to the passengers by making their journey luxurious.”

The Pod Hotel was virtually inaugurated by the Indian Railways Union Minister of State for Railways Raosaheb Patil Danve.

IRCTC is introducing a path-breaking and unique concept in Hospitality Services to the esteemed passengers of Indian Railways by commissioning of POD concept Retiring Rooms at Mumbai Central Railway Station in association with Urban Pod Pvt Ltd, Mumbai. The concept is unique in its own way due to various never seen before features.

IRCTC, tweet and said that this state-of-the-art POD concept would provide a much-needed travel solution to railway passengers.

The facility at Mumbai Central station consists of a total Pod inventory of 48, comprising of 3 categories, namely 30 Classic Pods, 7 Ladies only, 10 Private Pods, and One for Differently Abled as well. While the Classic Pods and Ladies only Pods will comfortably fit One guest, the Private Pod will also have a private space within the room, whereas the Room for Differently abled will comfortably fit 2 guests with space for free movement of Wheelchair.

The passenger can avail all modern facilities at comparatively cheaper rates.

The pod hotel will be available for passengers for 12 and 24 hours for ₹999 and ₹1,999 respectively. A private pod for 12 and 24 hours is priced at Rs1,249 and ₹2,499 respectively.

What is the meaning of Pod Hotel?

A capsule hotel, also popularly known as a Pod hotel, was first developed in Japan, which features a large number of small bed-sized rooms known as capsules.

Pod hotels provide affordable, basic overnight accommodation for guests who do not require or who cannot afford larger, more expensive rooms offered by the conventional hotels

What do these Pod hotels have to offer you?

A Pod hotel in fact is a very dynamic social space. They are compact, packed full of comfortable design, attractive features, and competitively priced.

The beauty of the space is the absence of excess. These are the unique qualities that make the capsule hotel an important social institution.

Each Pod will provide free Wi-Fi, Luggage room, toiletries, shower rooms, washrooms in common areas whereas inside the Pod the guest can avail facilities like TV, small locker, mirror, adjustable air conditioner & air filter vents, reading lights in addition to interior light, mobile charging, smoke detectors, DND Indicators, etc.