Manipur government

Imphal, April 18: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in Manipur is facing internal rifts as dissent grows against Chief Minister N Biren Singh and his leadership style. In the past five days, two BJP MLAs have resigned from key positions, stating that they have not been given any tasks associated with their roles.

Meanwhile, several BJP MLAs have reached Delhi to meet the party’s central leadership, expressing their dissatisfaction with the CM and calling for either a change in leadership or a major reshuffle in the state Cabinet.

While some news reports suggest that 10-12 BJP MLAs are in Delhi at present, the state vice president of BJP has stated that many of them are currently in Imphal, and the party has no knowledge of what correspondence they may be having with the central leadership. In the assembly polls held in March last year, the BJP returned to power by winning 32 of the total 60 seats.

However, several BJP legislators and leaders are reportedly unhappy with the CM’s style of functioning and claim that most powers are centralised, leaving others with little say on issues. These leaders fear that this may affect their chances of winning the next polls. Observers believe that Singh has been unable to find a formula to keep a large number of BJP MLAs happy, leading to differences.

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The CM’s style of functioning is considered to be centralised, with only 12 Cabinet berths available in Manipur, while the party has 32 MLAs. Legislators who have not been given responsibilities feel left out and get angry, which could be a potential threat to the ruling party. The present issue could turn out to be serious depending on how it grows in the coming days and how the BJP leadership acts.

Opposition parties, including the Manipur Congress, have alleged that there is large-scale corruption and misuse of funds in the state.

The Congress has called the CM autocratic and authoritarian, stating that he is busy promoting his family and relatives instead of being concerned about the people. The BJP’s infighting is not only affecting the ruling party, but it is also hurting the entire state’s governance.

In conclusion, the growing dissent against the CM and his leadership style has put the BJP government in Manipur in a precarious position. While BJP leaders are downplaying the issue, observers believe that the present infighting could turn out to be serious depending on how it grows in the coming days and how the BJP leadership acts.