1. Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, readies itself for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit on March 9.
2. The city administration and security forces collaborate to conduct overnight maintenance, ensuring a pristine environment for the Prime Minister’s arrival.
3. Stringent security measures are implemented across Arunachal Pradesh, emphasizing the importance of preparedness ahead of the Prime Minister’s visit.

Itanagar, March 08: Preparations are in full swing in Itanagar, the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh, as it gears up to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 9. With heightened anticipation, the city administration and security forces are working hand in hand to ensure a flawless visit for the VVIP guest.

To showcase Itanagar in its best light, an extensive overnight maintenance drive has been initiated, focusing on cleaning and maintaining streets and highways.

The administration is meticulously overseeing these efforts to ensure that the cityscape radiates cleanliness and orderliness ahead of the Prime Minister’s arrival.

Concurrently, security measures have been ramped up across Arunachal Pradesh, with security forces on high alert.

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) conducted a pivotal meeting with top security officials to reinforce security arrangements for the upcoming visit.

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Given Prime Minister Modi’s agenda, which includes inaugurating various projects and addressing a public rally, ensuring security readiness is of paramount importance.

Anticipating a surge in visitors, Mayor Tamme Phassang of the Itanagar Municipal Corporation has extended a warm invitation to residents of the capital complex and nearby areas to witness the Prime Minister’s address on March 9.

Moreover, the Government of Arunachal Pradesh has issued traffic advisories to streamline traffic management during the visit.

These measures involve setting up designated parking zones for delegates from neighboring districts, promoting the use of public transportation, and identifying restricted parking areas to facilitate smooth vehicular movement.

Additionally, strict directives have been issued regarding the entry and exit routes for VVIP and VIP vehicles, accompanied by guidelines for attendees and drivers to adhere to during the event.

These comprehensive efforts aim to ensure a seamless and memorable visit for Prime Minister Modi to Itanagar.