tribal hawkers

Shillong, April 21: The Chief of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC), Titosstarwell Chyne, has ordered action to be taken against non-tribal hawkers who are operating illegally without a trade license at Iewduh, one of the biggest traditional markets in the state of Meghalaya.

This decision came after an inspection by the KHADC, during which it was discovered that many non-tribals were running businesses illegally without obtaining the necessary permission and trading licenses from the Council.

During the inspection, several shops were shut down, and the inspection team was led by Chyne, who was accompanied by officials from the council’s enforcement wing and the office of the Syiem of Hima Mylliem.

Speaking to reporters, Chyne expressed his concern about people from outside operating illegal businesses within the Council’s jurisdiction, adding that the enforcement wing would take action against those who do not have valid documents, including trading licenses.

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Chyne also announced that regular checking against illegal traders would be conducted from time to time and that the executive committee would take this matter seriously and ensure the enforcement wing would fully implement the Trading by Non-Tribal Regulation Act.

He clarified that this did not mean that every non-tribal should get a trading license, but the objective was to reduce it to ensure that the livelihood of the people was not affected.

Chyne emphasized that it was highly illegal for non-tribals to operate their businesses without a trading license and that those who had not applied for one would not be granted a trading license as they had violated the Trading by Non-Tribal Regulation Act.

He drew an analogy with carrying a gun or driving a taxi, stating that one must first obtain the necessary licenses before carrying out such activities.

The CEM has also sought a report to ensure that no non-tribal will be allowed to carry out hawking business at Iewduh, excluding those who have already obtained proper trading licenses. He urged the EM trade to close down all illegal businesses in Iewduh.

The KHADC’s inspection of the Iewduh market in Meghalaya has revealed that many non-tribal hawkers are operating without the necessary trade license.

The council has taken immediate action against these businesses, and regular checking against illegal traders will be conducted in the future. The enforcement wing will fully implement the Trading by Non-Tribal Regulation Act, and no non-tribal will be allowed to carry out hawking business without proper trading licenses.