Kiren Rijiju

1. BJP leader Kiren Rijiju will take the oath as a cabinet minister in Modi’s third-term cabinet.
2. The swearing-in is scheduled for 7:30 PM on June 9, 2024.
3. Rijiju, highlighting his journey, noted his previous three ministerial roles.

New Delhi, June 09: BJP leader Kiren Rijiju is set to take the oath as a cabinet minister in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s third-term cabinet. Rijiju announced this via his official Twitter handle.

Scheduled for 7:30 PM on June 9, 2024, Rijiju’s induction into the cabinet marks a pivotal moment in his political career. Reflecting on his journey, Rijiju highlighted his previous ministerial roles, having taken oaths thrice before.

His ministerial journey commenced in 2014 when he assumed office as Minister of State, followed by Minister of State with Independent Charge in 2019, and later elevated to the position of Cabinet Minister in 2021.

Expressing gratitude to the people of Arunachal Pradesh, Prime Minister Modi, the BJP party, and the citizens of India, Rijiju affirmed his commitment to serving the nation with amplified vigor and dedication.

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His oath-taking ceremony signifies not only a personal milestone but also underscores the BJP government’s ongoing efforts to bolster its administrative machinery with experienced and committed leaders.

As Rijiju embarks on his new role, expectations are high for him to leverage his extensive experience and leadership skills towards furthering the government’s agenda and addressing the diverse challenges facing the nation.

With his pledge to serve the country with heightened zeal, Rijiju’s induction into Modi’s 3.0 cabinet is anticipated to bring forth fresh perspectives and renewed vigour to the nation’s governance landscape.

Rijiju’s political trajectory is marked by a series of ministerial portfolios and significant contributions to both national governance and regional development.

Commencing his political voyage as a representative of the Arunachal West constituency in the 14th Lok Sabha, Rijiju swiftly ascended the political ladder, demonstrating prowess not only as a Member of Parliament but also as a proactive agent of political transformation within his state.

His tenure as the National Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) underscored his commitment to driving substantive change at both the regional and national levels.

Rijiju’s stint in various ministerial capacities further solidified his reputation as a dynamic and astute leader.

From serving as Minister of State for Home Affairs from 2014 to 2019 to assuming the roles of Minister of State for Minority Affairs and Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Sports and Youth Affairs from 2019 to 2021, his portfolio expanded to encompass diverse sectors of governance. Notably, his tenure as Minister of Law from 2021 to 2023 showcased his acumen in legal affairs and policymaking.

However, Rijiju’s influence transcends ministerial corridors, as evidenced by his proactive advocacy for judicial reforms. In a bold move, he championed increased government involvement in judge appointments, articulating his stance directly to Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud.

His vocal criticisms in March 2023, where he accused certain retired judges of affiliations with an “Anti-India gang,” underscored his unyielding commitment to upholding national interests and judicial integrity.

In the recent 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Rijiju once again demonstrated his electoral prowess by securing a decisive victory against his opponent, former Arunachal Chief Minister Naba Tuki of the Congress party, for the Arunachal West parliamentary constituency seat.

This victory marked Rijiju’s consecutive triumphs in the same constituency since 2014, reflecting the enduring trust and support garnered from his constituents.

Securing an impressive total of 2,05,417 votes, Rijiju’s triumph was resounding, with his opponent trailing by a significant margin of 1,00,738 votes.

This electoral mandate not only reaffirms Rijiju’s popularity and influence but also underscores his unwavering dedication to representing the interests of Arunachal Pradesh on the national stage.

As he embarks on yet another term in office, Rijiju’s legacy as a stalwart leader poised at the nexus of regional empowerment and national governance continues to evolve, promising further contributions to India’s political landscape.

This development highlights the BJP’s strategy of maintaining a robust presence of experienced and capable leaders in its cabinet. Rijiju’s continued service is expected to further fortify the government’s efforts in achieving its long-term vision of making India a developed nation by 2047.

With a strong focus on administrative efficiency and national development, Rijiju’s role will be crucial in steering various initiatives and policies that align with the BJP’s goals and the country’s aspirations.