Kolkata flight

1. Kolkata Airport suspends all flight operations from Sunday noon to Monday morning due to Cyclone Remal.
2. The cyclone, expected to bring heavy rain and strong winds, is forecasted to intensify into a severe storm.
3. The IMD predicts the cyclone will reach Bangladesh and West Bengal coasts by Sunday evening.

Kolkata, May 26: Due to Cyclone Remal’s anticipated impact, Kolkata Airport will suspend all flight operations from 12 noon on Sunday until 9 am on Monday as a precautionary measure. The cyclone is expected to bring heavy rainfall and strong winds to the city.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecasted that a low-pressure system over the Bay of Bengal will intensify into a severe cyclonic storm by Sunday evening, reaching Bangladesh and adjoining West Bengal coasts.

Air India has issued an advisory, alerting passengers that flights scheduled between May 26 and 27 from Kolkata Airport are likely to be affected. The airline advised passengers to check their website for further updates.

IMD scientist Dr. Somenath Dutta provided insights into Cyclone Remal, stating its likely path and intensity.

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The cyclone is projected to intensify into a severe cyclonic storm with wind speeds ranging from 110 to 120 km/hr by May 26 midnight, as it crosses Bangladesh and the adjoining West Bengal coast.

In response to the impending storm, the Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port in Kolkata has decided to suspend all cargo and container handling operations for 12 hours from Sunday evening to ensure the safety of dock workers.