Lam Grace from Nagaland wins first prize in Global Dance Visual Competition

Nagaland, July 4: Lam Grace Touthang from Nagaland won the first prize in the Global Dance Visual Competition in the Solo category, which was organized by World of Dance Records. Also, she received a cash prize of $150 after winning.

Touthang said, “On coming across the event, I thought it was the right platform for me since I’ve always been interested in making dance videos and visual effects.”

In an interview with the media, she said that the video that won her the dance contest in the said competition was shot on her iPhone 6s with the help of a friend to which she also did the final editing. With that, Lam Grace Touthang uttered her skepticism that dancers are the least paid artists in Nagaland.

She also said, “One way to promote dance in Nagaland is to introduce it to all schools and colleges on the premise that it is not only an art but a way of life.”

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