Madhya Pradesh: Boy murdered Girl and family after affair went wrong

Madhya Pradesh, July 4: Skeletons of five family members who were missing since 13th May 2021 were exhumed from an agricultural field in the Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh.

After investigation police found that a boy stays in the locality killed the Girl and her family after the affair went wrong.

All of them were murdered by strangulation and dumped in a 10-foot-deep pit. This pit was dig in advance to dump the five persons. Police have employed a JCB machine to dig out the bodies.

Mamta Bai Kaste (45), her daughters Rupali (21) and Divya (14) along with relatives Puja Oswal (15) and Pawan Oswal (14) had gone missing from their home in Nemawar town and a report was also filed, after which an investigation was launched to trace them, said Additional Superintendent of Police Suryakant Sharma.

Cops have arrested six people in connection with the case.

The family had lodged a missing complaint and efforts were on to trace the five who had disappeared. Meanwhile, the killers tried to mislead the cops by posting messages on social media sites through Rupali’s user id, claiming that she had got married according to her wishes and that her two siblings, two cousins, and her mother were living safely with her.

Police pulled out the phone records of Rupali and from that come to know that she was in constant touch with one Surendra Chouhan, who lived in the same area.

Police questioned Chouhan but he evaded claims over his relationship with Rupali. Police kept a close eye on him and found that he was in constant touch with five others on May 13.

The five were separately questioned and finally, police managed to extract a lead that took them to the field where the bodies had been buried.

Six people including Surendra Chouhan have been arrested. While Chouhan planned and executed the murders, the five others helped him in digging the pits in which the victims were buried,” said Dewas Superintendent of Police Doctor Shiv Dayal Singh.

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Surendra Chouhan was known to the family and used to visit their home in Nemawar. On May 13, he first convinced Pawan to get his cousin Rupali to the spot.

The accused knew Pawan and convinced him to get the remaining three victims to the spot as well. All five were strangulated and the bodies dumped in the 10-foot-deep pit. The accused covered the bodies with salt and urea to ensure they decomposed,” police said.

Police said about the murder that “Surendra had an affair with Rupali but he was about to marry someone else. When Rupali came to know about it, she posted a picture of Surendra’s fiancé on a social networking site along with her number. This enraged Surendra and he planned to eliminate her and others as he suspected that all of them were conspiring to break his engagement.”

The field from which the bodies were exhumed belongs to Chouhan and the other accused include his younger brother, two friends and two labourers are the people who worked in the field.