1. Tensions escalate in Imphal, Manipur, as Meitei Leepun chief Pramot Singh fires shots publicly during a land dispute.
2. Former BJP MP HS Benjamin Mate shares video of Meitei Leepun chief Pramot Singh brandishing and firing a gun.
3. The incident reportedly involves Singh threatening non-Manipuris over alleged encroachment near a Manipuri temple.

Imphal, Dec 18: Tensions flared in Imphal, Manipur, as Pramot Singh, the chief of Meitei Leepun, fired shots in public during a land dispute.

Former BJP MP HS Benjamin Mate shared a video of the incident, where Pramot Singh is seen brandishing and firing a gun, allegedly threatening non-Manipuris over alleged encroachment near a Manipuri temple.

The CCTV footage captured the incident, but it remains unclear if anyone was injured.

HS Benjamin Mate posted the video on social media, expressing concern over the safety of mainland Indians in Imphal and accusing the Meitei Leepun leader and armed militia of firing guns in the presence of Manipur Police.

Pramot Singh did not deny the incident and defended his actions, claiming that he had to intervene as both the police and the MLA had not addressed the matter.

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According to Pramot Singh, there was a court-mandated distinction between a Hindu temple and a Meitei temple, but Hindus continued to encroach on the land, leading to a confrontation.

He asserted that he had advised them to follow the law, as the police were allegedly biased due to the MLA’s influence. Pramot Singh has been a controversial figure, facing a non-bailable warrant in October for alleged communal remarks and surviving a shooting incident in November.

Known for his strong pro-Meitei stance, Pramot Singh claimed during a July interview that sacking CM Biren Singh would send a message that the Indian government supported the Kukis against the Meiteis.

He accused Kukis of using narco-terrorism and claimed the involvement of missionaries in converting illegal immigrants to Christianity for political gain. Despite the controversies, Singh has denied allegations of violent activities by the Meitei Leepun against the Kukis.