Guwahati, Jan 10: The first traditional festival according to the Gregorian calendar in India is Makar Sankranti, generally marked on the 14th of January. It celebrates the advent of spring, the beginning of a new crop sowing season, hopefully ending in a bountiful harvest.

When in India during Makar Sankranti, additionally referred to as Pongal, Pedda Panduga, Poush Sankranti, Uttarayan, Maghi, Magh/Bhogali Bihu, and Shishur Senkrant; and fervent prayers are being directed at the sun god, set off for a trip to any of these four cities for a memorable experience.


In the northeast state of Assam, Makar Sankranti is known as Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu, or the festival of food, and it is one of the most awaited celebrations of the year. Similar to the rest of the country, Assam marks the end of a harvest season at this time and the start of spring.

The Magh Bihu celebrations continue over two days; the first day is referred to as Uruka, and the second one is the Bhogali Bihu. The day starts with Jalpaan, a breakfast of Chira, or flattened rice, Akhoi, or puffed rice; bora saul, Kumol saul, which are types of rice, along with fresh cream, yogurt, and jaggery. Various Pitha, or rice cakes, are cooked and are an integral part of Assamese cuisine.

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All proud Assamese dress in their traditional best and attend private or public gatherings for feasting set around bonfires or Meji. The celebrations include an anticipated egg fight, or Koni Juj, and a bullfight display.

Magh Bihu Rituals

Magh Bihu celebration is synonymous with authentic food and various kinds of rice cakes and sweets made of til, i.e. sesame and jaggery. Along with a great meal, Bhogali Bihu is likewise found with folks lighting bonfires and erecting makeshift huts known as Meji and Bhelaghar. As a part of the tradition, Meji is made of leaves, bamboo, and thatch.

In Bhelaghar, people feast on delicious food items like Sunga Pitha, Til Pitha, and other sweetmeats made from coconut like Laru and burn the hut the following morning. Famous Assamese games like tekeli bhonga and buffalo fighting are also organized during the harvest festival.

One festival three times a year

It’s really amazing to see the three different natures of one Festival. Yes, you have heard right. Assamese People celebrate it on the basis of the farming calendar. All three Bihu has different significance and sends a message to their people.

The first Bihu is Rongali Bihu (April) the next one is Kati Bihu (October) and the last one is Bhogali Bihu or Magh (January). It gives you three opportunities to explore the beauty of mesmerizing Assam.

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Buffalo fighting

Buffalo fight is another great attraction during Magh Bihu which is celebrated in the Mid of January month. Fighting between Cock and Nightingale is also very famous in Magh Bihu which is also Called Bhogali Bihu.


Apart from the buffalo fights, you can enjoy the elephant safari in Kaziranga National park where the world-famous One Horn Rhino and beautiful migratory birds live.

Tekali Bhonga

It’s a very uncommon game and full of fun in which people use to break pot with a Bamboo steak. You can also take part in this game in Maghi Bihu or Bhogali Bihu.


Taste the test of Assam – Pitha

Bhogali Bihu is well-known for its different recipes of Pitha and Narikal Laru. Pitha is sort of a rice cake. People can experience a number of Pitha like Sunghapitha, Tilpitha, and lots more.


If you are a food lover and have an appetite to taste typical then I would suggest you travel especially to Magh Bihu (January).

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Get a chance to look like an Assamese

Bihu performers put totally traditional attire during the Bihu dance. Boys wear a Dhoti and red printed shirt made of Cotton. A Gamocha is used as a headband. While the female performer wears Mekhala-Chaddar.


Mekhala is the lower part and Chaddar is the upper part. It’s really a mixture of culture and art. Performers look very vibrant and perform outstandingly. I am very sure that you will join them and start your foot movement.


The Upcoming Assam Bihu Festival is Magh Bihu in January. You can plan your trip to Assam. Some major city of Assam is Guwahati, Tezpur, Majuli, Sibsagar, Kaziranga, Bongaigaon, Silcher, Haflong, and Dibrugarh. For long-lasting memories, You must pay a visit at least once in your lifetime.