1. An elephant named Bishnupriya attacked and killed a Mahout from Assam in Iskcon, Nadia’s Mayapur.
2. The 16-year-old female elephant pushed and pressed the Mahout, Samudra, against a wall.
3. Another Mahout was also attacked during the incident.

Kolkata, April 08: An elephant named Bishnupriya attacked a Mahout from Assam and was killed and another was attacked. This attack happened in Iskcon in Nadia’s Mayapur, West Bengal.

A female of 16 year old had pushed and pressed Samudra who hailed from Kamrul district in Assam, the Mahout against the wall.

Samudra was 30 years old when was attacked by a female elephant named Lakshmipriya and when Samudra was feeding her, he came close to Bishnupriya and she pushed him with the head and pressed him against the wall.

Another Mahout named Ajay Rabha, who was at the back of Bishnupriya jumped off to save Samudra and in the process fractured his leg.

According to reports, the aggressive behaviour of female elephants is rare and it could be because she might have Some ailments and veterinary officer is presently evaluating Bishnupriya to find the cause of her aggressive behaviour.

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Bishnupriya didn’t attack Ajay when he jumped from her back.

Another Mahout from Assam has now been summoned to take care of Bishnupriya and late Sunday evening was able to chain the elephant.

Forest department officials said the elephant’s violent behaviour could be a result of hormonal changes. Forest department officials visited them.

Sources said Bishnupriya was calm and quiet and was given sedatives mixed with bananas by the Iskcon management.

The Iskcon management requested the forest department to use Tranquilisers.