Man prints photo of Lalu Prasad Yadav on wedding card! KNOW WHY

Bihar, April 15: Everyone in the country has their own style and one of them Lalu Prasad Yadav has been known for his unique style, one of his crazy fans also resembles him, the latest case has come to light from Hajipur in Bihar where a man put a picture of Lalu Yadav on his wedding card.

At the same time, he demanded the release of the ailing RJD supremo. The married man took his card and went to the house of several senior RJD leaders, his son Tejashwi and wife Rabri Devi, to invite him to the wedding.

Pawan Kumar Yadav, a resident of Rahua village in Hajipur, is scheduled to get married on April 23.

Pawan Kumar has printed a photo of RJD supremo Lalu Yadav and a picture of a lantern on his wedding card and he has written that release, Lalu Yadav. In this regard, Pawan Yadav said that Lalu Yadav is a leader who takes everyone alongside.

He is a leader who takes care of the poor, which is why he has urged the release of Lalu Yadav through his marriage card.

Pawan, the same supporter, also said that he belongs to a poor family, it is difficult for him to reach out to senior officials, so he is urging his leader’s release through his wedding card for his release.

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Let’s share that Lalu Yadav is serving a sentence in the fodder scam case these days. But Lalu’s friends are wishing him release and good health.

He has also performed yagna puja rituals several times to secure the release of Lalu Yadav. Recently, Lalu Yadav’s elder son Tej Pratap Yadav had launched a freedom letter campaign for the release of Lalu Yadav.