Meghalaya helpline

Shillong, Oct 12: The tragic derailment of the North East Express in Bihar’s Buxar district, which claimed the lives of four individuals and left more than 70 passengers injured, the Government of Meghalaya has taken swift action to extend a helping hand to its citizens affected by this unfortunate incident.

The derailment of the Delhi-Kamakhya North East Express has stirred concern, and the state government is committed to providing assistance and support to those in need.

To facilitate this, the Government of Meghalaya has activated a dedicated helpline number, 1800-345-3644, for the citizens of Meghalaya who may require assistance or have inquiries related to the derailment in Bihar. This helpline is intended to serve as a valuable resource for individuals who find themselves in distress or need information about the situation.

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Citizens of Meghalaya are encouraged to reach out to the helpline number, 1800-345-3644, which is being managed by the Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR). Whether it’s for seeking assistance, sharing concerns, or seeking information, this helpline aims to provide prompt and reliable support to those affected by the North East Express derailment.

Residents can reach out to the following individuals:

  1. Shri. K Thabah, Meghalaya House Guwahati: Contact at 7896167945.
  2. Shri. I Kharmon, District Transport Officer, Ri-Bhoi District: Reach out at 887003923.
  3. Shri. Richie Momin: Contact at 9615208771.
  4. Shri. Hubert Nongbri: Reach out at 7005627065.

These points of contact have been established to ensure a streamlined approach to coordinating assistance and addressing any concerns that may arise in the aftermath of the derailment. The government is committed to ensuring that all necessary measures are taken to support and assist the affected citizens from Meghalaya.

Furthermore, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma, on October 12, personally engaged with Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw to discuss the treatment of the injured and casualties resulting from the North East Express derailment. In a statement, he highlighted the efforts being made to provide necessary medical care and transportation solutions for affected passengers.

Sangma conveyed, “Spoke to Sh @AshwiniVaishnaw ji on the #NorthEastExpress train derailment at #Buxar. He informed that all injured passengers are being taken to hospitals and train to ferry passengers for onward journey have started. Our State officials are in touch to ensure that residents from Meghalaya are being provided assistance.”

The North East Express derailment is a poignant reminder of the importance of rapid response and coordination in the face of such unforeseen events. As authorities work diligently to provide aid and ensure the safety and well-being of the affected individuals, the helpline number and dedicated contact points established by the Meghalaya government offer crucial avenues for assistance and information dissemination.