TIPRA Motha Tripura

Agartala, May 26: In an effort to address the plight of indigenous people in Tripura, the TIPRA Motha Party has taken a significant step by submitting a memorandum to the Governor of the state.

This memorandum serves as a comprehensive representation of the concerns and demands of the indigenous community, who are currently facing numerous challenges and feeling marginalized in their own homeland.

The indigenous people of Tripura are seeking justice, dignity, peace, and prosperity, as they believe they deserve to live with these fundamental rights intact.

However, the state administration’s alleged negligence has led to a growing sense of unrest among the indigenous population. In an attempt to initiate a dialogue and find meaningful solutions, the TIPRA Motha Party has submitted the memorandum to the Governor.

The memorandum highlights several key issues faced by the indigenous people of Tripura. One major concern raised is the perceived unequal treatment of the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC) by the State Government. The memorandum asserts that important bills passed by the TTAADC in the past two years are awaiting final approval from the Governor’s office, exacerbating the challenges faced by the indigenous community.

Financial constraints also feature prominently in the memorandum. It states that a significant portion of the funds allocated to the TTAADC for the previous fiscal year (FY 2022-23) has not been released by the State Government.

This delay in fund disbursement has led to difficulties in paying staff salaries and has hampered essential development activities. Additionally, the current allocation for developmental works in the ongoing fiscal year (FY 2023-24) is deemed insufficient, further hindering progress.

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Another pressing issue raised in the memorandum is the prolonged delay in conducting Village Council elections. Despite the Hon’ble High Court of Tripura’s directives, the elections, originally scheduled for March 2021, have been repeatedly postponed. This delay has significantly impeded development initiatives within the TTAADC areas.

Through the submission of this memorandum, the TIPRA Motha Party seeks the Governor’s immediate attention to these critical matters.

They urge the Governor to intervene and address the concerns of the indigenous people, ensuring equitable treatment, timely approvals, and adequate funding for the TTAADC’s developmental projects. The party’s ultimate goal is to secure justice, dignity, and prosperity for the indigenous community, allowing them to thrive in their own homeland.