Nagaland GI

Kohima, June 16: Nagaland Minister H. Tovihoto Ayemi recently took to social media to share a picture of Nagaland’s GI-tagged tomato, known as the Naga Tree Tomato or Sei Bangenuo. Along with the picture, he highlighted the numerous health benefits associated with this unique tomato variety.

The Naga Tree Tomato has gained its GI tag due to its distinct tangy-tart taste and its unique oval shape. It is considered one of the most valuable exotic agricultural products of the region and is primarily cultivated in the small orchards of Nagaland’s hilly terrain.

In his post, Minister Temjen Imna Along emphasized the nutritional advantages of the Naga Tree Tomato. This tomato is rich in essential vitamins such as A, C, and E, and serves as a good source of B-complex vitamins, pro-vitamin A, and other vital nutrients that can contribute to strengthening the immune system.

These GI-tagged tomatoes grow on subtropical trees that can reach a height of approximately 5 meters. They can be found not only in Nagaland but also in neighboring regions like Manipur, Sikkim, and Darjeeling. The flowers of the tree are pinkish-white and emit a pungent aroma, while the leaves are large and vibrant.

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The Naga Tree Tomato bears fruit throughout the year, displaying a range of colors including orange, red, yellow, and purple.

Each color variation of the tomato has its distinct taste profile. The yellow and orange tomatoes are known for their sweetness, while the red ones offer a sour flavor. These tomatoes are highly favored ingredients for soups and salads in various districts of Nagaland, such as Kohima, Wokha, Tuensang, Mon, Phek, Zunheboto, and Kiphire.

One particularly famous dish made with the Naga Tree Tomato is the Naga Tree Tomato Chutney. This delectable chutney is prepared by combining chopped onion, mustard oil, Raja Mirchi (a type of chili), fresh coriander, and, of course, the tree tomato itself. It adds a unique and tangy flavor to meals, delighting the taste buds of locals and visitors alike.

GI tags are granted to fruits and vegetables that are cultivated in specific geographic regions, signifying their unique qualities and characteristics associated with the local environment and traditional practices.

The GI-tagged Naga Tree Tomato serves as a testament to the rich agricultural diversity and culinary heritage of Nagaland. Its distinctive taste, shape, and health benefits make it a prized ingredient in the local cuisine. So, if you have the opportunity to savor the flavors of Nagaland, make sure to try this exceptional tomato variety and experience the gastronomic delights it has to offer.