Mizoram Bans Usage Of Any Firecrackers During Festivals

Mizoram, Nov 13: On November 13, an official declared that during the festival season, Mizoram has officially outlawed firecrackers and sky lanterns to avoid pollution.

Even during Christmas and New Year holidays, the state authorities also prohibited the sale and possession of toy firearms with bullets.

The state administration, in collaboration with civil society organizations, will work hard to ensure that the banning of any kind of firecrackers is enforced.

According to Aizawl Superintendent of Police C. Lalruaia, a specialized squad formed by the State police has been undertaking frequent checks on stores and godowns in the district.

He further mentioned that to celebrate a pollution-free festive season, he advised people to avoid exploding, distributing, and purchasing firecrackers, sky lanterns, and other pyrotechnic items.