Mizoram Lalduhoma

1. Mizoram CM Lalduhoma allocates Rs 31.34 crore for a link road to Dragon Fruit plantations.
2. The announcement was made at the third general assembly of the Thenzawl Dragon Fruits Growers & Marketing Society.
3. The project aims to enhance connectivity in Lamlian Dung Zau, Thenzawl, fostering dragon fruit cultivation.

Aizawl, Jan 29: Mizoram Chief Minister Lalduhoma has announced a substantial investment of Rs 31.34 crore for the construction of a link road connecting Dragon Fruit plantations in Lamlian Dung Zau in Thenzawl.

This announcement was made during the third general assembly of the Thenzawl Dragon Fruits Growers & Marketing Society at Gaby’s Farm.

During his address, CM Lalduhoma underscored the significant contributions made by both the government and farmers to the dragon fruit plantations.

Recognizing the ongoing large-scale production of dragon fruits, he emphasized the critical necessity of well-connected link roads.

The allocated funds of Rs 31.34 crore will be utilized for this purpose, ensuring the creation of well-graded and pliable roads to facilitate the efficient transportation of produce, even if it falls short of a metal road.

CM Lalduhoma commended the memorandum of understanding between Local Soda Pvt. Ltd. and the farmers, wherein the company commits to purchasing the farmers’ dragon fruit products.

Since 2021, around 50 local farmers have established a dragon fruit plantation spanning 82.79 hectares in Lamlian Dung Zau.

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The government has already set up 129 units, incorporating a drip irrigation system, under initiatives such as MIDH, FOCUS, and other supportive schemes.

With plans to establish an additional 150 units, each accommodating up to 30,000 plants, the government is committed to promoting sustainable farming practices.

Each unit has the potential to yield approximately 30 kg of dragon fruit, translating to significant potential revenue at the current market rate of Rs. 300 per kg.

Local Soda Pvt. Ltd. has taken a proactive step in furthering the cultivation of these dragon fruit varieties. Starting this year, the company will facilitate the sale of dragon fruit at the farm gate, offering a favorable rate of Rs. 150 per kg to the farmers.

This collaborative effort aims to ensure fair compensation to the farmers while fostering the continued growth of dragon fruit cultivation in the region.