Manipur turmoil

Aizawl, Sept 19: Mizoram Veteran Multipurpose Cooperative Society (MVMCS), operating under the umbrella of the Mizoram Ex-Servicemen Association, has stepped forward to aid ethnic Mizos who are facing severe challenges due to the ongoing turmoil in Manipur. On Monday, the MVMCS donated a generous sum of Rs 3 lakh to provide humanitarian assistance to those in need.

The funds were handed over to the central committee of the Young Mizo Association (YMA), the apex body representing the Mizos. This thoughtful gesture reflects the spirit of unity and support among the people of Mizoram, who are deeply concerned about the well-being of their fellow Mizos enduring hardship across the border.

Notably, the YMA has been a beacon of hope during these trying times, with its members actively engaged in relief efforts. In addition to the MVMCS’s contribution, the YMA has recently received financial support from other benevolent organizations. Aizawl Hrangkhawl Welfare extended a helping hand with Rs 15,000, while Hrangkhawl Welfare of Kamalacherra in Tripura donated Rs 49,000.

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The Hrangkhawls, who are ethnic Mizos, are primarily concentrated in the neighboring state of Tripura. Their generous contributions reflect the strong bonds and shared identity that unite the Mizos, transcending state borders.

The spirit of solidarity extends even further, as ethnic Mizo groups in Assam’s North Cachar Hills have also offered financial aid to support their brethren in Manipur. Additionally, the Chin Baptist Church of the USA has made contributions toward humanitarian assistance.

These acts of generosity have not only reached organizations in the hill tribal areas of Manipur but have also benefited internally displaced people from Manipur who have found shelter in Mizoram. The relief and humanitarian assistance provided have eased the burden of those facing challenging circumstances.

As of Monday at 5 pm, the state’s home department officials reported that the number of internally displaced people (IDPs) from Manipur taking refuge in Mizoram had decreased to 12,017. Of these, 9,473 individuals have found accommodations with relatives and friends or in rented houses, while 2,544 people are being cared for in 33 relief camps.