rice beer

Kohima, April 25: Temjen Imna Along, a minister from Nagaland, shared an image of himself today in a tweet that provided a lighthearted glimpse of the traditional rice beer of the state.

He is well-known for his humorous and informative social media posts that promote his state.

His recent tweet showcasing Nagaland’s traditional rice beer was a hit, with the use of a famous soft drink commercial’s punchline in Hindi, “Aaj Kuch Toofani karte hai,” which translates to “(Let’s do something crazy today)… The Taste of Rice Beer…”

Along reminded his followers that while drinking can be harmful to health, it is a tradition in Nagaland.

Along’s social media posts often engage his followers with intriguing and informative content. In another recent post, he shared a heartfelt letter that highlighted the significance of Earth Day.

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He urged everyone to reflect on the scent of the earth after rainfall and take responsibility for protecting nature. Along wrote, “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.”

Minister Along’s social media efforts demonstrate a creative approach to engaging with his followers and promoting the culture and traditions of Nagaland. His humorous and informative posts have garnered widespread attention, earning him praise for his efforts to showcase the uniqueness of his state.

Through his social media presence, Minister Along has also highlighted the importance of preserving local customs and promoting environmentally responsible practices.

His Earth Day letter encouraged people to take action and protect nature for the sake of future generations.

Temjen Imna Along’s social media presence has been an excellent platform for promoting his state and preserving its culture and traditions. His humorous and informative posts have resonated with his followers, who have praised him for his efforts to showcase Nagaland’s distinctiveness.

His Earth Day letter was a poignant reminder of the need to preserve nature for future generations, demonstrating his commitment to responsible environmental practices.