Nagaland not a part of India? India Today TV anchor's comment on air goes viral

Nagaland, June 4: During an on-air interaction with IPS Rupin Sharma from Nagaland, India Today TV anchor Rahul Kanwal made quite a serious faux pas on national television while discussing if Mehul Choksi is still an Indian.

Sharma faced a power cut while commenting on the issue, Kanwal assured him saying, “Don’t worry! You are in Nagaland, electricity goes off even in India. Please go on speaking”.

However, his mistake went viral on the internet. So much so, BJP leader Mmhonlumo Kikon tweeted that they would invite Rahul Kanwal to Nagaland soon for a geography lesson.

Nagaland legislator Mmhonlumo tweeted, “We need to invite @rahulkanwal to Nagaland very soon! We need major geography class for major media professionals too!

Adviser to Nagaland chief minister, Abu Metha also commented saying “Dear @rahulkanwal please visit NorthEast and #Nagaland as soon as the situation allows. We would love to host you and give you a taste of our culture, hospitality and beautiful landscape. Come and make memories here”.

In another tweet, Abu Mehta said, “A bit of geography for our good friend @rahulkanwal. It’s called the #LandOfFestivals situated on the Indo-Myanmar international boundary. And we would love to host you. Come – let’s make memories together”.

Meanwhile, Kanwal apologised for his “slip of the tongue” made on-air. “My friend, I’d love to come with my children to Nagaland. Many close friends are from your lovely state. Love the food and the culture. What happened yesterday was an inadvertent slip of the tongue. A million apologies for hurting your sentiments. I’m feeling very bad myself,” he responded to Metha’s tweet.

In another response to Kikon, Kanwal wrote “This was a slip of tongue. My apologies. Was meaning to say Delhi. My bad”.

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