Our favourite Linc Ocean Gel has now caught the next wave

India, March 12: 90s kids have fond memories with “Linc Ocean Gel”, pencil box is just incomplete without this pen. As we grew up the one stationary which has always ruled over the generation is this one and only Ocean Gel pen and the most favourite pen is also upgraded to ‘waterproof ink’. The only pen in that time leads the Gel pen industry in India. Whenever it comes to Gel pens the “Linc Ocean Gel” is the only one that one will get in every pencil box.

With times so many amazing pens introduced by the stationary industrialists but the ocean gel is something beyond that and this ocean worth of ink, yet no worries of any splashes.

This up-gradation in the pen industry is the revolution in the stationary world and that can only be expected and done by Linc Ltd (formerly Linc Pen and Plastics Ltd).

Our favourite Linc Ocean Gel has now caught the next wave

India’s most trusted writing instrument manufacturer is Linc Pen and Plastics Ltd. is with a national and international presence in over 50 countries. Founded in Kolkata in the year 1976, it has now become the beloved pen of every student.

This manufacturing industry boasts of a strong and extensive network in South East Asia, the Middle East, the USA, the UK, Europe, South America, Africa, Russia, and CIS countries.

Mr Surajmal Jalan is the genius behind Linc Pen and Plastics Ltd. He had an entrepreneurial mindset and was extremely ambitious. During his college days, pens were an indispensable part of every student’s life. Surajmal Ji founded Linc due to the lack of good quality and affordable pens as the only premium pens in those days used to be fountain pens (expensive and risk of leaking) and ballpoint pens (priced at Rs. 10 in those days was considered expensive).

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Mr Jalan invested a few thousand rupees of his savings and launched the first Linc ball pen for Rs 2 from a small manufacturing facility in Kolkata. Linc Supreme was the first-ever plastic ballpoint pen that was launched in 1978. The first manufacturing unit of Linc Pen and Plastics Ltd was set up in Serakole near Kolkata in 1986.

Linc Pen constantly endeavours to bring out new and innovative products and packaging and has an extensive and diverse range of products catering to an assortment of ball pens, gel pens, retractable ball pens, and stationery. Brands under the Linc family are Pentonic, Uniball, Mark line, DELI, and LINCPLUS (newly launched hygiene brand making sanitisers, handwash, and masks).

Linc Pen & Plastics is banking on its improved distribution reach and push for offerings under the flagship ‘Pentonic’ brand as it eyes recovery in sales. E-commerce sales have grown substantially with daily orders increasing by over 76 per cent.