Bentley Mulsanne

Karachi, Sep 04: A luxury car Bentley Mulsanne sedan stolen from the United Kingdom was recovered by Customs officers in Pakistan from a complex bungalow in Karachi at some point of a raid on Saturday.

Officials, who have been knowledgeable via way of means of the United Kingdom National Crime Agency approximately the stolen car, raided the bungalow and seized the posh car except locating unlicensed guns in any other bungalow.

The vehicle was stolen in London some weeks lower back and the humans concerned withinside the complete racket controlled to import of the automobile to Pakistan and the usage of files of a pinnacle diplomat of an east European country, a source stated.

The stated diplomat is stated to have now been recalled via way of means of his government.

The car fees extra than USD 300,000 (about 60.6 million Pakistan rupees) and it’s by far the brand’s biggest and maximum pricey handmade sedan.

Officials took the proprietor of the house and the dealer who bought him the car into custody after the residence proprietor didn’t offer good enough files.

The registration of the car has additionally been forged, stated Customs officers.

According to the FIR filed via way of means of Customs officers, a tax of extra than rupees three hundred million turned into refrained from because of the smuggling of the stolen car.

The Customs reliable stated they may be nevertheless attempting to find the mastermind in the whole racket.