Trek Northeast India

Northeast India, Aug 07: Trek must be the pinnacle interest in lots of components of Northeast India, thinking that the maximum of the states is hilly ones.

However, because of remoteness and political instability for maximum components of the 20th century, they by no means advanced an extreme hiking infrastructure just like the Himalayan states of Northern India, or for that matter, neighboring Nepal.

I am certain there are nonetheless dozens of trails right here that stay to be determined however there are some which have controlled to emerge as well-known over a previous couple of years. I assume they’ll slowly develop over the years.

A Guide to Trekking in Northeast India Understanding Trekking in NE

Firstly you want to recognize the geography of NE. There are 8 (7+1) states here. Six of them are predominantly hilly, at the same time as are predominantly plains with a few hilly regions. The regions bordering Tibet are components wherein you may get a proper Himalayan revel.

At the identical time, the decreased hills provide a very particular revel in such as landscapes, people, culture, flora, and fauna, which you are not going to locate everywhere else in India. Basically, Sikkim is a totally Himalayan nation even as the top regions of Arunachal will even provide you with the same landscape.


The decreased hills of Arunachal are special. They are included in dense rainforests and provide a special experience. The equal may be stated in approximately different states which have a lot of decreased hills, usually ranging among 1500-2000 meters in altitude.

Trekking in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal is one of the principal hiking locations withinside the Northeast. It borders Tibet and stocks a lot, culturally and historically. Even the cutting-edge Dalai Lama escaped Lhasa and arrived in India thru this Tawang course in India.

The early colonial explorers additionally explored those routes, especially those around Tawang. Also, there are a few different hiking routes withinside the indoor Arunachal, consisting of the Namdapha Rainforest and Talley Valley close to Ziro. Each of those routes gives awesome stories past your wildest imagination.

The best time for trekking in Arunachal Pradesh is during the summer months, between May and July when the weather is cool, bearable and the treks clear.

Trekking in Sikkim

Sikkim is the opposite principal hiking vacation spot withinside the Northeast and it’s also the maximum evolved and “mainstream”, for the dearth of a higher word, as it borders Nepal. It boasts of Kanchenjunga, the 1/3 maximum height withinside the world, and quite a few diverse mountains, making it an on-the-spotaneous hit amongst trekkers and mountaineers.

The best time to trek in Sikkim is in the Spring (late March-May) or in the Autumn (late September through October).

From November temperatures start getting cold and the Winter months of December through February are unpleasant. The monsoon season runs from June through to early September and is best avoided.

Trekking in Nagaland

Nagaland gives low hills which are smooth to hike around. The maximum famous hiking vacation spot right here is the Dzukou Valley, which may be referred to as the Valley of Flowers of Northeast, and close by Japfu Peak, each close to Kohima.

The maximum factor right here is Mount Saramati (3800 meters) in the Kiphire district, that’s starting to draw the eye of late. Many different treks are viable right here however maximum of them continue to be unexplored and is infrastructure lacking too.

The best time to trek in Nagaland is April to September, at this time of the year you can enjoy the mountain flora and fauna.

Trekking in Manipur

Manipur has extremely good low hills appropriate for hiking however now no longer all the regions are effortlessly on hand or well-advanced for industrial hiking.

Trekking Northeast India

The country this is fine advanced in phrases of tourism is Ukhrul, in which you could move for lots of hikes along with the Shirui Hills trek. Other hill states like Tamenglong and Senapati have brilliant alternatives however focus and infrastructure are lacking.

The best time to trek in Manipur, especially in Tamenglong Forest Trek is from October to the end of February. It is because the forests are lush green soon after the monsoon season.

Trekking in Mizoram

Similarly, the Lushai Hills of Mizoram is a decreased hill with some small peaks withinside the 2000 meters range. The maximum well-known trek right here is the Blue Mountain Trek (2200 meters). Apart from that, there are a few smaller treks around Aizawl which include Durtlang Hills Trek.

Trekking Northeast India

Best time to trek in Mizoram: Though this region is pleasant throughout the year, traveling between the months of October to April is supposed to be the best. The period is a good time for trekkers and adventure seekers as the route is usually dry and well-marked due to animal movements.

Trekking in Meghalaya

The hills of Meghalaya are divided into 3 parts, named after 3 fundamental ethnolinguistic groups withinside the state, Khasi Hills, Jaintia Hils, and Garo Hills. These are in general very low hills however there are numerous specific points of interest that you could find.

Trekking Northeast India

For example, trekking right all the way down to the double-decker root bridge and the rainbow falls provide you with studies and perspectives past your wildest imagination. Most of them are brief-day treks.

Trekking Northeast India

Best time to trek in Meghalaya: The best time to travel in this region of the North East is from April to June because at this time of the year, Meghalaya witnesses extremely warm and pleasant weather.

Trekking in Tripura

Tripura is essentially an undeniable country bordering Bangladesh. The most effective hill location right here is those bordering Mizoram on the alternative side, mainly the Jampui Hills region. Nevertheless, that is a minor hill location wherein you may cross for a few small hikes and I could now no longer recollect it for severe trekking.

Trekking Northeast India

Best time to trek in Tripura: The best time for trekkers to visit Tripura is April to July, this will be the best time for nature lovers because they can witness the real beauty of the green state of Tripura.

Trekking in Assam

Assam the North-east state of India is amazingly beautiful and serene. It is blessed with natural landscapes and misty mountains. The lush green surroundings of the hills and the greenery all around will leave a mark in your heart for sure.

Trekking Northeast India

This state is on the whole plains however it has multiple hill districts, specifically Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao (North Kachar). There are opportunities however as of now, it’s far hardly ever taken into consideration as a critical hiking destination.Trekking Northeast India

Best time to trek in Assam: The state of Assam is best visited from November to May. The weather is perfect, with cool winds blowing from the Himalayan foothills to reduce heat and humidity. Orchids bloom between March and May, and it is a season of immense joy for the local people who are busy celebrating Bihu, the harvest festival.

Safety measures and precautions for hiking

1. Hike with a “buddy” when at all possible: If you choose to hike alone, make sure someone knows where you are headed and when you should be expected back (and check in with them when you do return).

2. Avoid venturing off the beaten path: Staying on marked trails is important, regardless of how familiar you think you are with an area. Shortcuts can also cause erosion and damage to the environment.

3. Stay hydrated and bring drinking water: Orange County may have perfect weather most of the year, but on the trails, you’ll find that staying hydrated in the hot sun is vital. Bring water with you and drink plenty ahead of time.

4. Know where you are going ahead of time: Check out the trail you plan to hike ahead of time to know what you are getting into. Will you need to be prepared for steep slopes or is it more of a casual stroll?

5. Keep an eye out for poison oak: Make sure you know how to identify poison oak ahead of time to prevent touching it. If you do, wash the area right away with some mild soap and water (water if that is all that you have). Pat dry the area with a clean towel.