Prashant Kishor

1. Prashant Kishor predicts the JD(U)-BJP alliance in Bihar won’t last until the 2025 assembly elections.
2. Kishor emphasizes the potential change within six months of the Lok Sabha elections.
3. Nitish Kumar recently rejoined the BJP, resigning as the Chief Minister of Bihar.

New Delhi, Jan 29: Renowned political strategist Prashant Kishor made bold predictions following Nitish Kumar’s return to the BJP in Bihar, asserting that the newly formed JD(U)-BJP alliance will not endure until the 2025 Bihar assembly elections.

Kishor, addressing reporters, emphasized his belief that this alliance, with Nitish Kumar as the face of the NDA, will change within six months of the Lok Sabha elections, potentially indicating a lifespan of a year or less.

Nitish Kumar’s Return to BJP and Kishor’s Prediction

Nitish Kumar, sworn in as Bihar Chief Minister for a record ninth time, rejoined the BJP-led NDA, prompting Kishor’s remarks.

The political strategist, referencing his previous predictions, expressed confidence in foreseeing changes in political landscapes and emphasized the fluidity of alliances when expectations are unmet.

He made a similar prediction regarding the Mahagathbandhan alliance before the 2020 Bihar assembly elections.

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Prashant Kishor’s Historical Perspective

Reflecting on Nitish Kumar’s departure from the NDA in 2022, Kishor highlighted the instability in Bihar’s political landscape, citing it as the sixth attempt since 2013-14 to form a government.

While acknowledging Kumar’s intent to start a new chapter, Kishor expressed hope that the Chief Minister would fulfill the aspirations of the people of Bihar. He reiterated his knack for making accurate predictions, emphasizing the consistency of his past forecasts.

Nitish Kumar’s Reasons for Leaving Mahagathbandhan

Nitish Kumar cited the unsatisfactory state of affairs within the Mahagathbandhan alliance, comprising the RJD and Congress, as the reason for his departure. He mentioned receiving suggestions from various sources, including party workers and highlighted the challenging situation that led to his decision.

After submitting his resignation to Bihar Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar, Kumar addressed reporters, providing insight into his motivations.

In summary, Prashant Kishor’s predictions about the longevity of the JD(U)-BJP alliance in Bihar add an intriguing layer to the unfolding political scenario, setting the stage for potential shifts in the state’s political dynamics in the coming months.